There is always a second way


"i’ll be speaking with my lawyer" is the adult version of saying "im telling mom"

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oh goodness its giveaway time again.

So we have some extra Macbooks lying around at work and I managed to obtain a couple of them. So I was like “hey lets do another giveaway I guess since I just got back to 40k followers” sound good? I  think so.

whatchu get

a 2011 macbook pro that has barely been used

sweet ass keyboard covers

okay so rules and such:

must be following me (jackbaracumquat) because follower giveaways and such. Unfollow me after I don’t care but I will check and see if the winner is following me.

likes and reblogs both count since I know its easier to keep track of things when you like them. More reblogs more chances and whatever.

and I will use a random generator to pick the winner!!!

AND I WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE! (But it may take longer to get it out to you if you live in some place like Guam or something because I feel like thats really expensive)

okay so I will be choosing the winner on November 16th (because I like that day) and winner will be inboxed (SO KEEP YOUR INBOX OPEN BECAUSE IF I CAN’T MESSAGE YOU YOU WON’T GET IT)

And IF I GET A TON OF HATE MAIL LIKE I DID LAST TIME I’ll just shut the whole thing down. Not dealing with that. And I know who sends me the hate so just keep that in mind if you send me hate I will guarantee that you don’t win.


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Time for some classic Deadpool with a Spidey-Deadpool team up.

Scans from Deadpool volume 3, issue 10

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“Fuck, my tea.”
— me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for whatever the hell that is.


I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for whatever the hell that is.

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Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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